Book Ups Bookkeeping Ready to Serve YOU

Is your organization looking for an excellent bookkeeper? We can help! Here is what we offer:

Real World Solutions

We will recommend the technologies to best fit your organization’s needs. Helping save you time and money tracking your finances. We offer information and training as requested to assist you and your staff as you navigate new workflows.

Intuit Quickbooks Certifed ProAdvisor

Being certified through Quickbooks Pro Advisor gives me the advantage to serve you better. I receive yearly certification to stay up-to-date with all Quickbooks Online Applications and Tools. Having this connection helps Book Ups get your business set-up with the technology that fits all of your needs.

Bookkeeper Launch Certification

Certification in this program provides Book Ups with the latest bookkeeping business training and contacts. With access to CPA’s and other business professionals as well as a wide range of resources to help provide our clients with the best and most up-to-date information and advice.

Collaborating Partnership

Our partnership is an ongoing relationship to support YOU. We want to see your organization succeed. This is why we provide one-on-one consulting and timely reporting, helping you understand each report as you receive them. Allowing you to make business adjustments based on real-time financial data you can depend upon.

Book Ups LLC is a one stop shop for all your bookkeeping needs. We handle virtual and in-person clientele. Let us customize bookkeeping to fit the needs and workflows of your organization.

“Good bookkeeping leads to good business management which leads to growth.”

Growth of your business is probably somewhere near the top of your strategic goals. What does growth mean for your organization? You may measure your growth through increasing cash flow. Or you may measure it by how much extra time and energy you have gained by outsourcing some of your staffing needs or by how well you use your current staff with better automation and work flows. As the leader of your organization, doesn’t it make sense that your precious time be spent in direct ways that effect these growth areas such as expanding your mission field, developing your leaders, or fostering those relationships which help grow your scope of influence.

Happiness and peace of mind come from hiring a professional bookkeeper. This is YOUR destiny! As a partner in helping your organization succeed, I can assist you in reaching your growth potential? Imagine those things you have been longing to accomplish this year if you only had the time. Hiring a Book Ups bookkeeper that is organized, reliable, and professional will be the first big step to help set you up for that success.

Contacting us today may just be the BEST decision you’ve ever made for your organization. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Ask about our monthly services premier discount!

By signing up for a free consultation using this website, you will be eligible for the Premier monthly services discount which is a 50% discount on all initial set-up and clean-up outlined in your proposal. Just click on the special offer button below to unlock this amazing discount!