Experiencing the Bookkeeping Blues?

Is the bookkeeping for your Organization bringing you stress?  Do you have confidence that your bookkeeping is being done correctly and accurately? Are you receiving monthly and yearly reports that leave you scratching your head? Are any of the reports helping you with your day to day operations? Do you speak to your accountant regularly or just at tax time? Are one or more of these areas an issue for you or ANYONE within the structure of your Organization?

Bookkeeping doesn’t have to be stressful! There are many reasons why things can begin to become overwhelming. You may not have enough help, or the right kind of help. Maybe your financial workflows need some automation. Maybe you just don’t have the expertise on your staff or board to manage needed changes. Or maybe you have not understood your financial position completely for a very long time.  

If this is you, please know you are not alone in feeling this way. These are only a few very common reasons why the financial picture within an organization can become clouded.

My name is Suzie Smith-Rios and I am a bookkeeping professional and owner of Book Ups Bookkeeping Services. I have myself been in strategic positions of leadership both in Churches and other Non-Profits. I fully understand how exhausting it can be when any of these areas in question are not addressed and you, as leader, don’t have complete and accurate bookkeeping or reports and don’t feel confident bank accounts are being reconciled properly or assets are being recorded properly. In my many years serving on Non-profit boards on all levels, I have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t in many areas. Much of which could be resolved by giving your technology and financial processes a needed update! Tweaking those areas in the financial process will truly make your workflows more efficient for your organization. The goal is for you to feel confident and secure that your finances are being well handled and reported so your leadership hands are free to focus on organizational Mission and Vision, managing your staff and volunteers, AND building those critical relationships within your organizational community.

Book Ups is your one stop shop in providing an array of bookkeeping options that can help save your organization time, money, and headache! My wish is to see your organization not only survive, but THRIVE in your greater mission, regardless of the challenges you face. Being there for you and bringing solutions to fit your ever evolving bookkeeping needs is MY sole focus!